WORKRITE® Mortar Cement is a pre-blended packaged mortar cement. Through careful selection and blending of the raw materials used to produce our cements, our quality control procedures deliver superior performance results during construction.



Applicable ASTM Specifications

  • C 1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement
  • C 207 Standard Specification for Hydrated Lime
  • C 270 Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry

Available Formulations

Type N: Normal strength
Type N should only be used for above-grade construction and is recommended for exterior brick and block veneers.

Type S: Medium strength
A stronger mix, Type S can be used above or below grade.

Type M*: High strength
Our strongest mix, Type M is designed for below-grade or where additional compressive strengths are required.
*Type M cements are available by custom-order only.